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PUA coaching, Life style coaching and training in London PUA coach for overcoming anxiety, depression, stress, fears, phobias, agoraphobia, sticking points including approach anxiety, for gaining confidence with girls, self esteem issues, with shyness, worthiness, congruence, limiting beliefs, confidence with women and negative affirmations – using NLP, hypnosis, life coaching and positive psychology London confidence coaching can help in central London for assistance for AA, day game from an experienced and knowledgeable coach and life-coach

How would you like to become more confident socially, with the opposite sex or just have more confidence in general? With everyday aspects in life or something in specific? To have a greater balance or to be more fulfilled? To become the best you possible that you that you can be, and how would you like to achieve this sooner rather than later? 

Life coaching and NLP in person and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams

PUA Coaching

Maybe you would you like to become successful with life, with dating and PUA? Maybe to overcome and beat approach anxiety? Or any other sticking points? Maybe to gain confidence with people, be congruence in general, defeat all your fears, overcome shyness and get the life you desire and deserve!

I can help with overcoming anxiety, fears, stress, depression, panicky feelings, jealousy, guilt, weight issues, insomnia, personal and sexual issues as well as for social phobias and public speaking. Coaching also can help with sporting,business and other personal performance areas. 

Success defined – An accomplishment of a desired aim or purpose

“PUA itself is dying but its also evolved, evolved into some new something better … its now about becoming the better person, the true person, the real person” – disclosed source, London – January 2015

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How I can help you at PUA coaching

Whether it’s to develop yourself in a personal level, improve business performance or enhance a sporting activity the life coaching may well be the answer you are looking for.

Sometimes it’s easier to look at a problem from a different angle, with a different perspective, another feel, with different eyes helping you, and this is where my area of expertise comes in.

By coaching and training so many people over many years now, I know that by designing unique and different programs of therapy and coaching for all individuals is the only way to get you to overcome any sticking points and enable you to see permanent changes for the better. This is why I always tailor each coaching session to the individual and their particular needs.

 Call 07807 540142  or  Email today for PUA coaching

What I Can Help With at PUA Coaching

  • Dealing with negative affirmations, behaviours and beliefs
  • Confidence in social situations
  • Sticking Points around what to say, do and how to behave around people
  • Approach Anxiety – fearing approaching women
  • Anxiety, Stress, fears and phobias
  • Agoraphobia and Claustrophobia
  • Depression, and issues worthiness and insecurity
  • Achieving personal targets and goals
  • Help with business performance or sports excellence
  • Developing confidence and self esteem in general
  • Dealing with shyness, worthiness and feeling underpowered
  • Gaining congruence and overriding any negative beliefs 
  • Changing and managing your expectations 
  • Weight loss and management, focus to exercise 
  • Alcohol and drug issues, problems around gambling
  • Sexual issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction 
  • Anger, anger management, jealousy and guilt issues
  • Making important decisions and become successful in any other areas of your life
  • Help you become the best possible

The Reality In reality there are only 2 possible things that hold people back from succeeding in this area

1) Not physically getting out there and doing it, whatever that it may be

2) Some sticking points, beliefs and negative affirmations that are causing you some kind of issue and stopping you

It’s basically that simple and both of these things can be helped but do need your dedication, time and commitment; and maybe my help

And how you are likely to be different

It is extremely likely that you found me because you have a certain curiosity, are more intuitive, have a wide range of interests, more insight, a greater understanding of life, have true dedication and maybe you’re looking for a more holistic, spiritual deeper path!

PUA coaching, PLC is a coaching system specialising in building confidence, developing self esteem and finding balance. Aimed at men to achieve their full potential in areas such as confidence in general and with women, increasing social opportunities and helping you to become the best possible you! We also help with relationships in general, careers, choices and other areas. Whereas most PUA training and coaching is geared towards bootcamps I offer a bespoke and personalized approach to suit your needs.

A caveat perhaps – I do not do or have bootcamps although there are many out there and I hear certain ones are much better than others, so if that is what you desire then this website isn’t the right place for you.

Also that although I can teach you day-game and game in general that if you want just this then there are many meep-up groups and people especially in larger places that you can develop this; having said that if you’re based in London, Oxford or Reading I can help get you started. Day game is undoubtedly the best way of overcoming or rather reducing nerves and anxiety, it is also the quickest way. So find out for yourself at PUA coaching.

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Life coaching and NLP in person and online via Zoom, Skype and Teams

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