Inner Game

Inner Game and the psychology around the internal mental state and thought process and how life style coaching and training in London coach for overcoming anxiety, depression, stress, fears, phobias, agoraphobia, sticking points including approach anxiety, for gaining confidence with girls, self esteem issues, with shyness, worthiness, congruence, limiting beliefs, confidence and negative affirmations – using NLP, hypnosis, life coaching and positive psychology London confidence coaching can help in central London for assistance for game from an experienced and knowledgeable coach and life-coach

Inner Game, PUA and Developing Self-Esteem You Deserve

Confidence vs Self-Esteem

The difference between self-esteem and confidence is that someone may be confident or highly confident in one area but not in another area. For example someone can be excellent at their job and extremely confident in that situation, however not be good in social situations. Further to that they may be an amazing public speaker in their chosen field, with an excellent knowledge base with perfect delivery – however when in other public events be very quiet and withdrawn. 

Self-Esteem or self-worth, self confidence, worthiness, self-value or however you wish to describe it, is more about how you feel deeper within as a person. It’s more central and more towards the core of how you feel entitled, worthy, deserving and respected within and solely, or largely coming from within. 

Confidence can also be described as situational competence – in that someone may be very confident in one area so that you could describe them as being highly competent in that area. 

With competence and confidence, the closer something is to something else then typically the easier someone should find it to map over the competence and confidence into that area. An example being if someone who wants to learn MMA and has some boxing, BJJ and judo background will find it somewhat easier, typically anyway, than someone who has no like kind experience

Game, the Root Cause and Inner Game

With coaching and taking on your fears as long as someone has recognised the root causes of their personal fear; or at least overcome that fear by ‘flooding’ the mind and previous experience by over approaching (this can work very well for some).

I would actually suggest a combination of addressing and developing:

  • Root cause – Addressing any root causes
  • Cold approaching – Playing the Game
  • Developing Inner Game
  • Developing the Skill Set

Then it would be useful to develop their Inner-Game, the Skill-set and using your new found skills, strengths, knowledge and knowhow in developing yourself in other areas.

Inner-Game is much more aligned to self-esteem and worthiness so that as your growing and developing the inner self will grow in competence and with confidence in certain areas making you feel stronger, calmer and more congruent; and therefore increase your feeling of self-esteem. 

How I Can Help You With Inner Game

If there is a root cause then that’s always the best place to start from a therapy point of view. Whether the root cause is significant emotional event, a series of situations, a cultural belief or a set of personal beliefs – then I can help you with all these. 

I can also help with installing a new and much more productive set of beliefs, which could include:

  • Improved Self-Esteem
  • Feelings of Worthiness
  • Thoughts of Entitlement
  • Positive Outlook 
  • Better Mind-Set
  • Addressing the Situation Mindfully
  • Freedom from limiting beliefs
  • Elimination of negative affirmations

When any root cause has been addressed this will free you up to address your Inner game, outer game and to develop in general and in many areas of life.

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