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PUA Lifestyle Coaching involves techniques and systems from many styles including NLP, EFT, hypnotherapy, life coaching and positive psychology, hypnosis, cocky funny, social status and social proof and dark arts routines with PUA Lifestyle

How we at PUA lifestyle differ from other PUA programs

PUA Lifestyle

Many PUA websites promise that theirs is the ‘magic bullet’ or that they have the only ‘true’ method that will guarantee results’ Things such as –

                          All you have to is A…B…C… and after 8 hours you can walk into any club and meet any woman’


             ‘Instant success, remember these simple lines and you’ll get laid , etc – guaranteed, 100% real, only £XXXX blah, blah, blah’ 


(Always in red, black and yellow and lots in boxes and with arrows leading to boxes – Why? Well I know, but you’d have to ask)

The truth is that they don’t work for everyone and they can’t and won’t; it is an unregulated industry where any guarantees aren’t really worth anything because there is no set standard for them to comply to (and in fairness how can there be!). Basically they are free to make any claims they wish, this really puts the onus on to you and how comfortable you feel when deciding who you want to work with and how you spend your time and money.

Having said this they (bootcamps) do work for some people (to varying degrees), and I’m not criticising anyone or any PUA products or Bootcamps in particular, in fact I’ve heard very positive things about many of them from and many people (and please don’t ask because I won’t tell, I’ve been told in confidence). All I’m just saying they don’t work for everyone and they often don’t work very well for approach anxiety in particular.

Another problem many people have told me is that after they have finished a bootcamp is that they while they leave on a ‘high’ that then when they are back home away from the instructors and other students that they revert back into their old and unhelpful habits. All ban be changed at PUA lifestyle coaching.

They then can become disillusioned and start blaming themselves. The truth is that although the bootcamps are excellent on many levels that they often don’t tackle the real and underlining issues as to why you’re having the problems in the first place. This is where I can help.

It’s all very well knowing about every possible technique, routine, opener, all the lines etc and the theory but if you’re unable to put it into practice then it’s like giving a fish a glass of water! (or something like that!) In fact all you’re likely to achieve is an overload of information, cause confusion to yourself and develop a feeling of disappointment that you are currently unable to use the information.

As a hypnotherapist, master NLP practitioner, PUA and life coach I can help you deal with your sticking points, to overcome or massively reduce approach anxiety, with confidence in general, dealing with shyness and to feel comfortable and more relaxed around women.

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The Philosophy of PUA Lifestyle Coaching

At PUA life style coaching we believe that to be truly successful in life and in any area that you need to be congruent, aligned and ready and willing to face whatever you fear to achieve the results you want.

If you’re currently not able to get over certain sticking points such as approach anxiety, shyness, self esteem, confidence, fears, phobias, not feeling worthy or maybe others. It may be the case that you could use some [Doors Opening picture by Salvatore Vuono] professional help from a fully qualified and trained professional.

Typically it will take between 2-4 sessions to overcome most issues and sticking points, and sometimes only one session will be required.

One of the main ways in which PUA life style coaching is different is that we concentrate on your sticking points with a view of helping you get over these. We achieve this through a combination of NLP, positive psychology, hypnotherapy and coaching techniques. These are one-to-one personalized coaching, therapeutic and training sessions with proper support and follow-up, which are geared and adapted towards you and your personal needs and requirements.

Sometimes it’s easier to look at the problem from a different angle, with a different perspective, another feel, with different eyes helping you, and this is where my area of expertise comes in.

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Sticking Points

Sticking points can have dramatic effect and can hold you back with your Game, goals and dreams. But they can be overcome and usually quite quickly, sometimes it just takes something and someone different to help you overcome whatever is holding you back. NLP, life coaching, Positive psychology and hypnosis are all good ways to overcome the sticking points you may have and when combining these techniques it is usual to be rid of a problem within 2-4 sessions, then the Game is yours. To read more

Approach Anxiety – To read more

The Psychology of PUA and the mind – help with PUA Lifestyle

There are many reasons for why you for why you may be having the problems that you are having, it could be down to your beliefs, negative affirmations running through your mind, fears or a phobia that you can’t seem to overcome. Below are some of the reasons that could be the cause of the problem, but the good news is that they can all be changed.  

Phobia Response Defined – A phobia is a fear in response to a situation and/or object, which is disproportionable to the actual threat represented by the situation and/or object. Phobias are caused by a Significant Emotional Event which will be an event which happened when we were younger which caused issues around a variety and combination of people, places and things.

Fight or Flight Defined – A basic primitive physiological response which prepares the body to fight or flight from a perceived attack, harm or threat to survival.

Freeze!!! – But you do have to freeze first otherwise you be either running away or attacking everything or persons which you perceive may be a threat to your survival. With approach anxiety you will probably freeze then flight.

Parts Integrated – Parts can be described as ‘towards’ and ‘away’ from values or put more simply ‘on the one hand I want this and on the other I want that’. How this can be a problem is that it can leave a person confused and in conflict. NLP is very good at dealing with these inner conflicts so that the person can resolve their inner issues.

Beliefs – Beliefs are things we believe but they don’t necessarily have to be true, we pick up beliefs since birth from our parents, family, schooling, any religious faith we may have, society and many other areas of our lives. Some beliefs can and will change due to our circumstances such as discovering new information, getting in with new people and old beliefs being proved to being wrong now. Also as we grow older our beliefs will change Types of beliefs issues defined – There are 3 types of ‘negative’ or unhelpful beliefs.

Worthiness – “I don’t deserve to succeed”, “I’m just not worthy of this”

Hopelessness – “why try”, “not possible”, “It’s no use”

Helplessness – “I can’t, others can”, “I don’t have it in me I’m not like you”

As you can see all of these are extremely unhelpful, and beliefs aren’t necessarily true anyway, they are just something we believe to be true. So if you have any negative beliefs then why not change them, reframe them, have them work for you.

Affirmations – Very much similar to the beliefs where as if you walk around with negative affirmation in your head, you could start believing it’s true. If you are walking around with things like “I’m a loser, I’m no good with girls”, “They won’t want me, I’m not attractive” or “I don’t deserve an attractive girl” then you will start believing these statements. So why not have positive affirmations instead? “I am worthy, I always succeed”, “I’m an attractive, positive person and I always get the girl” or “I’m so confident that I don’t care what happens because I’m fucking great!”.

Significant Emotional Event (SEE) – A SEE is an event which happened to you in the past usually at a young age and quite often either consciously forgotten, suppressed or deemed (consciously or unconsciously) unrelated or insignificant to a current problem. Significant emotional events can be problematic as especially (as they usually do) if sometimes traumatic happened at a young age which we weren’t able to deal with then, then they can carry-on through into adulthood.

Example – if you were embarrassed when you were younger in front of a girl you liked by some adults you could end up being shy, awkward or lacking confidence in later life without even realising that this is the reason. They can differ in the intensity, the frequency of which they occurred, the repetition and to the individual’s threshold.

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