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Testimonials and Praise for PUA Lifestyle Coaching for approach anxiety, various sticking points, developing belief and confidence and levels of self-esteem for PUA and for life in general. A list of testimonials below for various aspects of PUA.

I do not generally ask for client reviews or testimonials, although when they are given, via email or on search engines such as Google+, I am always delighted to receive them, and then ask clients whether I could include their testimonials on my website with the condition that if at any time they wanted them removed that I would take the review off. Please do read my testimonials below

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What Some People Say – My Testimonials

“Thanks mate its still going. Ive been out quite a lot and had some good sucess some nigths and Ive been a lot more confident talking to girls. I know I need to get even better but its a good start so far” -Charlie – 2015

“I went to see Matthew initially because I was having trouble getting over my ex and I wanted to move on. Matthew helped me with this and now my mind and thoughts are clearer and straight after the session and the next day I felt so good and relieved. Matthew has also helped me with some other issues I was having around confident and self-esteem and I do generally feel so much better with myself” – James – 2012

“Hi Matt thanks for last week and its really starting to sink in now I’m feeling much better in my self now and feeling more natural and real. I feel much better in general and have noticed feeling more confident when out and in the day time. I still do get some nerves at approaching but much less now and its seems more fun now. Thanks Matt” -Gary – 2011. One of my testimonials from 2011

“Before I saw Matt I was okay at approaching girls in bars and pubs, but had virtually ZERO experience of approaching women in the day and was terrified of the prospect. I saw Matt for ONE SESSION and within an hour and a half of meeting him I engaged a beautiful latino girl in a 5 minute conversation in which I flirted with her and asked for her phone number. She was one of 6 or 7 gorgeous girls I approached that afternoon.

I have since practised daygame further and have stepped a million miles outside my comfort zone in what I now feel comfortable saying to women. Matt was also helpful in being happy for me to call him for a chat before I went out and approached, without even charging me! Approach Anxiety is very low now. I will be recommending Matt to all of my single friends!”- Sam – 2011

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 hi matthew,

“excellent session yesterday. you know what it was really weird i left your place went to the tube and sat on a bench in the tube station. girls sits next to me and starts talking to me… it died down.. i picked it up again… it wasn’t a great convo. but thats not the point at all. the point is that it never happend to me a lot in the past. then i go to pret, getting some food and start a chat with the waitress… she was cute. hahahaha. yeah i can feel that something has changed and i have evidence. so thats great!!!! brilliant & thanks!” – V 2011

Hi Matt yea things are going good. Approaching girls on a more regular basis now, Still got abit of AA, but the future looks a lot brighter now, thanks very much for your help” -Stevie – February 2011, another of my testimonials from 2011

“This is something else as a whole new industry and concept I didn’t know about until recently and what a shock!, I can admit that although I’m very successful within what many people may consider, that I have a charmed life and an easy access to things, I absolutely sucked at attracting attractive girls (I won’t say what do).  But now I don’t suck as such, with women at least.

It was strange to be honest,  I work in a privileged place and I see many important people everyday and some very attractive women, some of which scared me ( well at lest they used to),  because they seemed very profile and high powered (they usually weren’t anyway, long story and I can’t tell)  and I’d have to deal with as my a part of job, this used to scare me but it doesn’t now and nor does approaching very fit attractive women (out of work and strangely within work situations),

I don’t know why! although I’m sure the hypnotherapy helped , still I am saying if you have this problem then give this guy a try, he helped me (listen I can’t explain what worked) but this seems to have” – Guy, London

“Yeah its working man do it everyone!!!! Ive spend over £2000 before on PUA bottcamps and it never properely helped. And with 2 sessions i put it together in a way I couldnt make work before. 2 sessions with Mat It really is about innergame if you dont get your innergame together you wont get things sorted. not properely listen Ive done the bootcamps £2000 and more money than that. Really thay helped somthings but not how I felt inside. I have to say try what mat does as an ulturnative”  -Joe, 2010

“this fucking rocked. I am fine with approaching always have been always will lol but I used to then talk to fast and mess-up my lines and end up talking shit- I had success but not as much as I wanted. now I can think quicker but talk slower and get better results. thanks Matt. you skillful bastard. I owe you. lol” -Mark, London

“Good so far, this has helped me with another piece of the jigsaw, actually 2 pieces. I was having trouble with approach anxiety and with becoming stuck in set (when I was managing to open) worrying about what to say, I now have these 2 nearly under control it’s certainly a lot better and I think as with anything only time will tell I’m optimistic anyway.

I don’t know exactly how it was done but Matt did use some NLP visualisation techniques, something called neuro logical levels which is also an NLP technique and some hypnosis and it does seem to have done the trick. I would recommend Matt to people because what he offers is quite different to most of what is out there” – Nick – Fulham, one of my oldest testimonials from 2010

“I tried this and I didnt think it work. But it is working. I had really bad AA and it came down to something personal that happened when I was young nothing dodgy but something I would not of never known about without doing this. I’m not saying I have totally under control yet but I’m getting better and I can approach most times now. Trouble is now I’ve found that I’ve got other problems to sort out with my game but at least I can approach now, It’s not cheap but it was worth it for me and I would say to give it a go because it could work for you” – Anton, London

“I saw Matthew last November for confidence coaching and another problem, since then I’ve got my old enthusiasm of life back especially around meeting and talking to girls. Before then my confidence and sex life was good but due to a serious accident and then a break-up I got into a spiral of feeling depressed, lacking confidence and having a sexual problem all associated together.

After having this go on for 7 months I had enough. I saw Matthew twice, he asked some questions, then did some hypnotherapy and it was that simple, I’m now back to my old self, was dating but now in a relationship and having fun and that’s a year later” – Ben, 27, Reading, an excellent client and one of my 2009 testimonials

“After the breakdown of my relationship I spent 5 years not knowing what to do and where to go for help. After finding out that NLP and Cognitive hypnotherapy I decided to give it a go and I am glad I did. I was feeling very negative about my life and because I went through with some treatments I went 4 times I am now in much better shape and feel so much more confident and relaxed. I would recommend this type of treatment to anyone” – R, 44, Nr Maidenhead

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