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Sports and Sporting Performance and Confidence Enhancement 

I have a good level of expertise in hypnosis for sports performance and enhancement for sportsmen and women from amateur level to elite. I’ve worked with Championship level footballers, Rugby league, league 1 level players, high level athletics within the Great Britain gymnastic team, England Investec hockey league level players; as well as individuals who are within the second tier of both professional darts and snooker level. 

So what? Some might say, not exactly at the higehest level are you! – but I would state back – And, what’s your point? 

The truth is that I’m working my way up the ladder as well, and gaining expereince which could help you as I rise up and gain expereince myself. 

My role and goal is  to assist all my clients the best way I can by helping them overcome challenges or obstacles they currently face in their lives. So within the sport and otherwise because it’s all connected to you. So whatever helps, helps. If that helps! 

Some Things I Can Help With Are:

  • Reducing Pre-Game Anxiety
  • Building Assertiveness
  • Confidence building
  • Overcoming exam and test nerves
  • Improved sports performance
  • Self-esteem building
  • Relaxation enhancement
  • Develop mental toughness
  • Increase motivation
  • Deal with loss of form
  • Reduce pre-match nerves
  • Remove fears & phobias
  • Remove unwanted & un-resourceful habits

Hypnotherapy and NLP has been proven to help sport stars with a wide range of health problems and behavioural challenges. Whether you want to improve your sporting performance, feel more confident or overcome a fear or phobia, then I hope this website provides you will all the resources you are looking for.

It has come to light recently that many top performers in sport, the arts, business and within the academic community understand the role that life coaching, NLP, EMIT, positive psychology and hypnotherapy can play in assisting individuals reach the peak of their performance.

Peak performance in sport, performance arts, pastimes and in education can no longer be left to chance. All dedicated professionals and amateurs of all levels, can be helped with the combination of hypnotherapy, life coaching and neuro-linguistic programming which can then assist those individuals in finding the inner resources they need to perform at their peak.

Overcome Stage Fright/Performance Anxiety

Stage fright, also known as performance anxiety can be crippling to actors, musicians and others going on to the stage or set and whether they perform on stage or in front of the camera it can be extremely debilitating. Stage fright is the anxious feeling, phobic reaction or downright fear that comes over some people caused by the prospect of having to perform in front of others.

For some, it can be paralyzing while in others, it takes the form of “butterflies in the stomach” as the colloquialism goes. Just as with helping the actor stay calm for auditions, hypnosis can help with stage fright in the same way: by engendering positive associations tied to performing on stage or before the camera. Hypnotherapy, NLP and I can help you to train your mind to experience a new reality in which you are calm and in control.

With using cognitive hypnotherapy, NLP, positive psychology and using hypnosis can give you the ability to control your mind so that you can turn your talent on like a switch (the on/off part or rather the off part isn’t important) indeed the ability to switch things is a great ability and one of which will help you massively.

Being in the Zone, in the Part, being Confident and in Control

Actors, musicians and models need to be absolutely 100% confident in themselves and in their abilities. This is obviously essential and although you can be as sure as possible before any performance or audition; sometimes nerves, anxiety or fears can and do kick in. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of discovering any root cause for this and then for un-doing or changing that former belief around that situation. It can be surprisingly simple and quick to uncover the problem and even quicker to resolve it.

From then onwards its more simple when we move on to the process of building up belief, confidence and the identity of who you know you can be – basically being the best person you can become!


Unfortunately, many actors act but don’t really see themselves as actors, much less a person who could command top roles and pay. Hypnosis can help you to see yourself as what you want to be, making getting there easier.

Get In And Out Of Character

A good actor becomes the character he or she seeks to portray and truly memorable performances are partially a result of this ability. When you are your character every subtle body movement or flow, facial gesture and controlled movement flows with ease; including your vocal inflections, characters, cadence, style and intonations.

Your character’s affect and your demeanour takes front stage centre, in focus and in demand; because you’ve already left yourself at the door. This requires a level of immersion that is not unlike the hypnotic state of hypnosis itself! – You will find so … do enquire

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Many people have issues around interviews and the nerves which go along with them, this fear can hold people back from promotion, new opportunities and that dream job. These nerves can be so extreme that they may make a last minute excuse and bail out of the experience.

For others it can be that they will physically shake, their heart may pound, they may perspire, blush and go red, feel embarrassed, mumble or stammer out their words or not be able to remember what to say, go blank mentally and maybe a combination of these things.

It doesn’t have to be that way and things can change. I have worked with many people who have had issues around interviews and it has in many occasions held them back professionally, however I can offer help with this and to help diminish interview stress and nerves, generally takes 2 – 3 session.

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So if any of the following are true:

  • Does a pounding heart, clamminess or a shaking voice keep you from being your professional best during interviews?
  • Does your fear and anxiety harm your job prospects?
  • Are you uncomfortable selling your skills and knowledge at the interview?
  • Is your career being held back because you’re avoiding interviews?
  • Have you just been made redundant and lost confidence in seeking interviews?
  • So if any of these things are true for you when you’ve got an interview coming up or even when you’re considering a new job opportunity then help is at hand.

Now Imagine if you could

  • Be fully composed, feel in control and so confident
  • Be your best self and at your professional best
  • Become proactive and advance your career by enjoying the interview process
  • Be well presented so that you are enhance your chances of chosen over the competition
  • Find the interview experiences to be a positive and even liberating experience

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to:

  • Present yourself confidently
  • Feel positive about interviews
  • Feel comfortable and calm when speaking in front of people
  • Keep your focus on the interview
  • Remain calm, alert and in control
  • Talk easier in formal, informal or within social groups

The will benefit you in being able to address situations around people, places and with a variety of circumstances which can be an enormous boost to you professionally and personally.

You can replace and prevent those feelings of panic, fear and anxiety with confidence, control and calmness. Taking it a stage further, you can even learn to enjoy the situation and make a good impression! Many people I have worked with after hypnotherapy have had incredible transformations, and maybe now it’s your turn to achieve and transform!

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For models, hypnosis can give you confidence in your beauty, natural beauty, inner beauty, real strengths and abilities, even while wearing high heels, an unnatural looking dress, something from the inner depths of the fashion-mafia, Primark, in front of an audience of millions or maybe not. Whether you are doing a beauty pageant or doing a photo shoot, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and positive psychology can give you the confidence you need to succeed as a model.


Whether for an audition, a larger gig or for whatever reason sometimes nerves just seem to kick in and it doesn’t make any sense – now there will be a reason and that’s where hypnosis can and will help. Whether a live gig in a pub, or venue or part of an orchestra or something like that, fear, anxiety or nerves can rise-up and sometimes for

Stay Calm in Your Auditions

Stop seeing your auditions as stressful and vulnerable moments. Feeling nervous, anxious and/or self-conscious can only lead to a performance that comes across as stiff and stilted, rather than the natural flow that epitomizes an exceptional, charismatic and natural performance. So basically doing exactly what you don’t want to!

Hypnosis can help you keep your mind calm and focused during your auditions. This is done by training and re-conditioning your mind to reframe the audition experience, making it into an empowering experience where you come into your own. This is done through a combination of remembering positive experiences more, guided imagery and positive suggestions while in the hypnotic state.

With the use of hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology we can together help you can train your mind to ACT, act, re-train, think and feel differently regardless of distractions such as who might be in the room. So essentially give you your mind, brain and reality an ability to be in the moment so that you can give a stellar and near as if not perfect performance.

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