PUA Sticking Points

For help with PUA Sticking points including approach anxiety, confidence, self esteem, shyness, fears and phobias, worthiness, limiting beliefs and negative affirmations for London and the UK

PUA Sticking Points

Sticking points can be from a number of sources but include  

  • Having negative affirmations running through our heads
  • Having negative beliefs about ourselves (beliefs which are not true)
  • Getting in-field – physically doing it and getting in-field, out in public
  • Social anxiety – crowded places, unfamiliar places, unfamiliar faces,
  • Claustrophobia
  • Agoraphobia
  • Approach anxiety – can be beliefs, affirmations, phobic, fears, anxiety
  • Running out of things to say
  • Not knowing what to say
  • Not remembering what to say
  • Getting confused/ overwhelmed/ worried with new things
  • Worried about/ not liking physical touch
  • Feeling that PUA is contrived, fake or doesn’t work
  • That it won’t work for you
  • Being ‘Alpha’ maled
  • Kino escalation and becoming physical, touching, kissing etc
  • Moving stuff-on sexually/ getting physically intimate
  • Sexual dysfunction or fears of sex 

Introverts and Extroverts or the Attitude Preference

Introverts prefer to spend time alone in a world of thoughts and ideas, they prefer to reflect, then act, then reflect again. They become less energized as they act. Being around people draws their energy. They will need time alone to recharge, reflect and relax

Extroverts prefer to be with other people and things, they draw energy from action; and tend to act, then reflect, then act further. They need to be around people and need people to be around for their motivation and energy. If they are alone they become inactive and they decline and slow down.

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